Survey of Grown Unschoolers II: Going on to College

by Peter Gray Can people with no K-12 schooling go to college and do well there? If so, how? Can they go to college?  If so, how do they get in and how do they adjust to it? Can they do the work?  Can they follow the rigorous schedule?  Such questions are often asked by […]

A Survey of Grown Unschoolers I: Overview of Findings

by Peter Gray Seventy-five unschooled adults report on their childhood and adult experiences In a study that preceded the one to be described here, my colleague Gina Riley and I surveyed parents in unschooling families—that is, in families where the children did not go to school and were not homeschooled in any curriculum-based way, but […]

Further Your Education With Online Opportunities

High school dropout rates have declined since 1990, which is optimistic for the future of education. High school, however, is where many educations end. Skyrocketing college costs, both for the institutions and students, prevent the continuation of higher education for many high school grads. As academic alternatives, online colleges offer eager-to-learn students affordable, credible opportunities. […]

Ease the Transition from Homeschool to College with These Six Tips

The hours spent studying, learning and growing together have finally paid off, and your homeschooled child is headed to college. Not only will he be studying at an institution for the first time, he will also be living on his own and taking responsibility for most of his immediate needs. Rather than panicking, get your […]

Schools Are Good for Showing Off, Not for Learning

Here’s one explanation of the education gap, and why it keeps increasing. Published on September 19, 2013 by Peter Gray in Freedom to Learn  Suppose you are a student in a high school or college course and a magic fairy offers you the following choice: (1) You will learn the material in the course well, but will get a […]

The Human Rights Struggle in Europe: Educational Choice

European families are being fined, and worse, for pursuing educational freedom. Two and a half weeks ago I was honored to attend and speak at the 2013 conference of EUDEC (European Democratic EducationCommunity).  I met many brave individuals and families who are making personal sacrifices in their struggle to bring educational choice to Europe. We in […]

Enriching Elementary Home Schooling with 5 Educational Apps

Technology powerfully transforms classrooms, and Apple agrees. The leading tech innovator believes technology "can pave new ways of thinking" and "new ways of sparking ideas," especially in education.Apple's iPad, the perfect learning companion, fosters a thriving learning environment equipped with creative tools and interactive materials for hands-on learning. It provides a universe of digital resources […]

Brains of Autistic Children Are Surprisingly Hyper-Connected

From a non-autistic point of view, people with autism can seem somewhat disconnected in social and emotional terms. It’d be tempting to attribute this to differences in brain connectivity—wiring that never quite got connected—and in fact, this has been the prevailing hypothesis. But this week, researchers report that the brains of autistic children are actually […]

Beyond Attachment to Parents: Children Need Community

For good biological reasons, children want & need to move beyond their parents. Published on July 20, 2013 by Peter Gray in Freedom to Learn I’m all for natural parenting.  The basic premise of such parenting, at least as I view it, is that you trust your children’s instincts and judgments. For example, you recognize that a baby who […]

Education Revolution: Help Us Reach the Tipping Point

You can help build a directory of resources for self-directed learners. Published on June 21, 2013 by Peter Gray in Freedom to Learn The time for revolution is here.  It will be a peaceful one, conducted by people brave enough to walk away from our coercive schools, smart enough to resist the propaganda saying that such schooling is […]