Credit: CC0 Public Domain WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump’s administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court stop a novel and sweeping lawsuit pressed by children and teenagers seeking to force the federal government to take steps against climate change. Thursday’s emergency filing aims to head off a trial that’s set to start Oct. […]

That’s no moon… China is planning to replace streetlamps with light from an ‘artificial’ moon China is planning to launch its own ‘artificial moon’ by 2020 to replace streetlamps and lower electricity costs in urban areas, state media reported Friday. Chengdu, a city in southwestern Sichuan province, is developing “illumination […]

Jezero crater and its fossil river delta is a favored landing site for NASA’s Mars 2020 rover. NASA/JPL/JHUAPL/MSSS/BROWN UNIVERSITY After 3 days of intense debate, a nonbinding vote by planetary scientists meeting in Glendale, California, resulted in a virtual tie between several candidate landing sites for NASA’s next $2.5 billion Mars rover, due for launch in […]

Visualization of ICON’s orbit. Credits: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio In October 2018, we’re launching the Ionospheric Connection Explorer, or ICON, to study Earth’s dynamic interface to space. Its combination of remote and in situ measurements will help scientists better understand this region — and how it changes in response to both space […]

A couple minutes after liftoff on Oct. 11, a Soyuz rocket failed, sending the two astronauts aboard plummeting back to Earth and prompting a Russian investigation into what went wrong. Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls The Russian space agency, Roscosmos, initial report from its investigation into the failed Oct. 11 Soyuz crew launch should […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An international team of researchers has successfully produced a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) in space for the first time. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the group describes creating a small experimental device that was carried on a rocket into space and the experiments that were […]

Scientists working at the central peak of Gosses Bluff meteorite crater in Northern Territory. Nick Timms , Author provided The discovery of a rare mineral (reidite) at the Woodleigh meteorite impact structure in Western Australia was published this week by Curtin University honours student Morgan Cox and colleagues. Reidite – and other minerals – […]