Now, for the first time, scientists are inviting citizens to help in updating information about European river barriers with a newly-developed smartphone app. Credit: Katarzyna Susaka SSIFI Based on their first observations, they estimated an average of one barrier per kilometre of river. Clearly, the picture of river fragmentation in Europe is […]

Artists impression of squeezing more power out of solar cells by physically deforming each of the crystals in the semiconductors used by photovoltaic cells. Credit: University of Warwick/Mark Garlick Physicists at the University of Warwick have today, Thursday 19th April 2018, published new research in the fournal Science today 19th April 2018 […]

Wild insects are the most important and vulnerable pollinators. Pollinators such as bumblebees and solitary bees have become endangered. Szefei / Pollinating insects like bees, butterflies and flies have had a rough time of late. A broad library of evidence suggests there has been a widespread decline in their abundance and diversity […]

The red coral in the middle of this image is a staghorn coral, or A. millepora. Credit: Mikhail Matz Using genetic samples and computer simulations, evolutionary biologists have made a glass-half-full forecast: Corals in the Great Barrier Reef have enough genetic variation to adapt to and survive rising ocean temperatures for […]

The ‘shark’ will soon gobble up La Niña’s cool surface waters. What might this mean for the climate later this year? A cross section of the equatorial Pacific Ocean showing how water temperature departed from average during the five-day period centered on 3 April 2018. The vertical axis shows depth below the […]