KAUST researchers are exploring the use of probiotic bacteria to boost the survival of corals after bleaching events. Credit: © 2021 KAUST; Morgan Bennett Smith Treating corals with a probiotic cocktail of beneficial bacteria increases survival after a bleaching event, according to new research. This approach could be administered in […]

Bill Gates said his Breakthrough Energy company would spend $1.5 billion over the course of three years with the goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change, according to US media reports. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Thursday said his climate fund would pour $1.5 billion into projects […]

V404 Cygni Rings (Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/U.Wisc-Madison/S. Heinz et al.; Optical/IR: Pan-STARRS) A spectacular set of rings around a black hole has been captured using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory. The X-ray images of the giant rings have revealed new information about dust located in our Galaxy, using a similar […]

Juan Celedón, a respected pulmonary researcher at the University of Pittsburgh, wanted to address an urgent national problem. Severe asthma attacks send hundreds of thousands of U.S. children to the hospital every year. For decades, researchers have suspected extra vitamin D—essential for bone growth and healthy development, and also an […]

When it comes to finding exoplanets, size matters, but so does weight.  The larger and heavier the planet, the more likely they will be discovered by the current crop of telescopes.  Both the techniques to find exoplanets and the telescopes using those techniques are biased toward larger, heavier planets.  So […]

Reconstruction of the Tinkuqchaka bridge is here almost complete. (Credit: Cirilo Vivanco) A remarkable ancient technology and tradition of creating suspension bridges to unite communities in the Andes is sadly fading into history. One early January morning in the mid-1980s after a daylong journey from Ayacucho (formerly “Guamanga”), I (Lidio) […]