The asteroid-mining company Planetary Resources and its partner 3D Systems have 3D-printed an object made of powdered asteroid metal. Credit: Planetary Resources An asteroid-mining company is giving the world a glimpse at its vision of the future. Planetary Resources, which aims to extract water and other useful materials from asteroids, has 3D-printed […]


NASA Kepler’s Hall of Fame: Of the more than 1,000 verified planets found by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, eight are less than twice Earth-size and in their stars’ habitable zone. All eight orbit stars cooler and smaller than our sun. The search continues for Earth-size habitable zone worlds around sun-like […]


A silhouette of a high-voltage power grid against the Sun. Credit: Dreamstime Magnetic storms can interfere with the operation of electric power grids and damage grid infrastructure. They can also disrupt directional drilling for oil and gas, radio communications, communication satellites and GPS systems. While magnetic storms are caused by […]