NASA’s Deputy Administrator, Dava Newman, addressed an array of questions about the agency’s efforts to send crews to Mars through an exclusive set of questions posed by SpaceFlight Insider. Image Credit: Bill Ingalls / NASA NASA has posted stunning imagery of astronauts exploring the planet Mars for some time. In […]


A modern trona from Lake Magadi, Kenya. Credit: David Tuttle Ancient climates on Earth may have been more sensitive to carbon dioxide than was previously thought, according to new research from Binghamton University. A team of Binghamton University researchers including geology PhD student Elliot A. Jagniecki and professors Tim Lowenstein, […]


Enlarge * NGC 2359 (also known as Thor’s Helmet) is an emission nebula in the southern constellation Canis Major (The Great Dog). This helmet-shaped cosmic cloud with wing-like appendages is around 15,000 light-years away from Earth and is over 30 light-years across. The central star of Thor’s Helmet is the Wolf-Rayet […]