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Artist’s concept of Hayabusa-2 approaching asteroid 162173 Ryugu (1999 JU3). Image Credit: JAXA Over three weeks ago, Imagination Technologies had an exclusive interview with the New Horizons engineering team. The high-profile story presented the hardware and software systems that took the probe to Pluto and beyond. A week later, Imagination Technologies revisited […]

Artist?s concept of the Hayabusa2 spacecraft arriving at asteroid 1999 JU3.

Artist’s concept of the Hayabusa-2 spacecraft arriving at asteroid 162173 Ryugu (1999 JU3). Image Credit: JAXA Enlarge Several months ago, Imagination Technologies reported on the MIPS-based Mongoose-V chip guiding the New Horizons probe in its quest to reach Pluto. The story captured the headlines of many publications and generated many […]


Adaptively smoothed X-ray image of galaxy cluster Zwicky 8338. Credit: Gerrit Schellenberger, Thomas Reiprich. (—Astronomers from the University of Bonn in Germany, have discovered what appears to be the longest X-ray tail associated with a stripping process from a galaxy on a large scale. This galaxy with the enormous X-ray […]


Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory studied the attractive force between antiprotons, giving physicists new ways to look at the forces that bind matter and antimatter. Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory What’s the difference between matter and antimatter? Sometimes nothing, a new study finds. Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider […]