Photo of maize intercropped with cowpea (above). Credit: International Institute of Tropical Ag (Creative Commons License) Creating a sustainable agricultural system is one of the greatest concerns facing the world today. Human population growth, degraded lands, and stagnating productivity gains are combining to produce a global agricultural emergency. Past work […]


A fracking operation on the Marcellus Shale Formation in Pennsylvania is shown. New research shows that abandoned oil and gas wells near fracking sites can be conduits for methane emissions not currently being measured. Credit: U.S. Geological Survey/public domain Enlarge As debate roils over EPA regulations proposed this month limiting […]


Artist’s concept of Lucy mission. Image Credit: Southwest Research Institute A NASA mission to study five primitive asteroids (referred to as Trojans) orbiting near Jupiter, has entered its concept design study phase. The spacecraft, named Lucy after the iconic hominin skeleton, will try to answer essential questions about the origin […]


Jupiter’s moon Europa contains an ocean of liquid water beneath its frozen surface. Credit: NASA-JPL Comets or asteroids slamming into Jupiter’s moon Europa might explain the chaotic jumble of icy blocks seen across the satellite’s surface, researchers say. This theory suggests that cosmic impacts might have helped deliver the ingredients […]