Can free-range parenting laws and city proclamations help restore kids’ freedom? By Peter Gray Ph.D.  ‘Freedom to Learn’ Can laws and official public proclamations help to restore children’s rights to be children and parents’ rights to be parents?  There is some evidence that they can. This is the third article in […]

UMass Amherst public health researcher says findings highlight the need to better protect youth from high-potency products. After medical marijuana became legal in Massachusetts, cannabis-related poison control calls involving the commonwealth’s children and teenagers doubled, according to a public health investigation led by University of Massachusetts Amherst injury prevention researcher […]

Using C. elegans, Scripps Research neuroscientists Brock Grill, Kirill Martemyanov and Dandan Wang discovered a new genetic regulator of opioid signalling. Credit: Scott Wiseman for Scripps Research A team at Scripps Research in Florida has discovered a biological system that manages cells’ response to opioid drug exposure. The unexpected discovery […]

Titan has hydrocarbon rivers and seas, a subsurface water ocean — and perhaps life. Saturn’s moon Titan is the only moon in the solar system with a thick atmosphere. (Image: © NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute) Paul M. Sutter is an astrophysicist at The Ohio State University, host of Ask a Spaceman and Space Radio, and author […]