KyotoU’s new Seimei telescope detects enormous ‘superflare’ on nearby star The cold, dark chaos of space is filled with mystery. Fortunately, the ways in which we can peer into the mists of the void are increasing, and now include Kyoto University’s 3.8 meter Seimei telescope. Using this new instrument — […]

The movement of sand grains in the scoop on the end of NASA InSight’s robotic arm suggests that the spacecraft’s self-hammering “mole,” which is in the soil beneath the scoop, had begun tapping the bottom of the scoop while hammering on June 20, 2020. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech ANIMATION Now that the […]

Animation Rice University study finds novel type of polarized light-matter interaction. A scientist might want to do cartwheels upon making a discovery, but this time the discovery itself relies on cartwheels. Researchers at Rice University have discovered details about a novel type of polarized light-matter interaction with light that literally […]

A handout picture from Colombia’s Defence Ministry shows smoke billowing from the Sierra de La Macarena National Natural Park, Colombia, in 2019. The Latin America country has lost hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest in recent years Colombia lost 159,000 hectares of forest—an area the size of Brazilian megacity […]