In developing a system to help decipher lost languages, MIT researchers studied the language of Ugaritic, which is related to Hebrew and has previously been analyzed and deciphered by linguists. Credit: S.R.K. Branavan System developed at MIT CSAIL aims to help linguists decipher languages that have been lost to history. Recent research […]

A Smart Buoy floating on the ocean. Credit: Dalhousie University Researchers at Dalhousie and ocean data analytics innovation environment DeepSense have developed a machine learning method for predicting wind speed and wave height measurements. Such measurements support safe and more accurate decision making by the Halifax Port Authority and the […]

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Googlefor unlawful monopolisation. The department says Google’s conduct harms competition and consumers, and reduces the ability of new innovative companies to develop and compete. It’s the most important monopolisation case in the US since 1998, when the DoJ brought proceedings […]

Artwork: Osiris-Rex approaching the surface of Asteroid Bennu NASA/GODDARD/UOA America’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft has completed its audacious tag-and-go manoeuvre designed to grab surface rock from an asteroid. Radio signals from 330 million km away confirm the probe made contact with the 500m-wide object known as Bennu. But the Nasa-led mission will have to […]

(l-r) Jonny Wu, assistant professor of geology in the UH Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Spencer Fuston, a third-year geology doctoral student, applied a technique developed by the UH Center for Tectonics and Tomography called slab unfolding to reconstruct what tectonic plates in the Pacific Ocean looked like […]

Estelle Church. Credit: Courtesy Estelle Church Name: Estelle Church Title: Systems Engineer and OSIRIS-REx Deputy TAG Phase Lead at Lockheed Martin Education: B.A. Physics and Astrophysics at University of Colorado Boulder and an MBA from CU Boulder Superpower Skill: Perseverance Today (October 20, 2020) Estelle Church will send the commands instructing NASA’s mission to touch […]

Stars identified in the research have formed “shell structures” in the aftermath of a radial merger occurring 3-billion years ago. Credit: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Evidence of broadside collision with dwarf galaxy discovered in Milky Way. Nearly 3 billion years ago, a dwarf galaxy plunged into the center of the Milky Way […]