MIT graduate student Emily Hanhauser demonstrates a new device that may simplify the logistics of water monitoring for trace metal contaminants, particularly in resource-constrained regions. Credit: Melanie Gonick/MIT Whisk-shaped device absorbs trace contaminants, preserves them in dry state that can be shipped to labs for analysis. Lead, arsenic, and other […]

Researchers use a ferroelectric glass electrolyte within an electrochemical cell to create simple self-charging batteries. A new type of battery combines negative capacitance and negative resistance within the same cell, allowing the cell to self-charge without losing energy, which has important implications for long-term storage and improved output power for […]

A Southwest Research Institute team performed high-resolution, smoothed-particle simulations of a large, differentiated projectile hitting early Mars after its core and mantle had formed. The projectile’s core and mantle particles are indicated by brown and green spheres respectively, showing local concentrations of the projectile materials assimilated into the Martian mantle. […]

Schools of scissortail sergeants and blue-green chromis swim above a stand of staghorn coral off the island of Moorea. Credit: Jeff Liang Coral reefs are not doomed. Although human activities threaten the iconic ecosystems in many different ways, scientists maintain that reefs can continue to thrive with the right assistance. […]

The fossilized leaves belonging to the Welwitschiophyllum plant. Credit: University of Portsmouth A remarkable new treasure has been found by scientists from the University of Portsmouth — the first fossil plant gum on record. The beautiful, amber-like material has been discovered in 110 million-year-old fossilized leaves. University of Portsmouth Ph.D. […]