Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Converting Central American tropical forests into agricultural land is changing the color and composition of natural material washing into nearby rivers, making it less likely to decompose before it reaches the ocean, a new Southampton-led study has shown. The flow of dissolved organic material, such as soil, […]

The Dark Energy Camera imaged 10 selected areas of the sky called deep fields. The multiple images of each provided astronomers with a glimpse of distant galaxies and how they are distributed throughout the universe. (Image credit: Dark Energy Survey) The largest galaxy survey ever made suggests that our cosmos […]

Making the tiny nanoparticles used in everything from electronics to paint isn’t easy. But a new experiment creates order out of chaos. Controlling vaporized metal particles is a challenge—they behave like a group of children on a playground, each randomly zooming around. PHOTOGRAPH: KRISZTIAN BOCSI/BLOOMBERG/GETTY IMAGES WE ARE CONSTANTLY immersed in […]

A cut-away of Earth’s interior shows the solid iron inner core (red) slowly growing by freezing of the liquid iron outer core (orange). Seismic waves travel through the Earth’s inner core faster between the north and south poles (blue arrows) than across the equator (green arrow). The researchers concluded that […]

Boston Micro Fabrication’s machines use a technology co-developed by MIT Professor Nicholas Fang to print millimeter-sized products with details at the micron scale. Credit: courtesy of BMF Technologies Professor Nicholas Fang’s startup Boston Micro Fabrication uses a novel light-focusing method to make ultraprecise printers. Whether it’s computer chips, smartphone components, […]