Research Paper Encourages States to Promote Homeschooling


A homeschooling father and a journalist teamed up to write about the current state of homeschooling in America based on published scholarly research. Their effort provides an interesting snapshot about what is going on with politics, educators, researchers, and parents who are interested in homeschooling in 2017. The report is published by the Pioneer Institute and encourages states to do more to make the public aware of the homeschooling option.

Bill Heuer, co-author with William Donovan of the report, notes, “While homeschooling may not be the best choice for most families, the assumption that public school is the best option for all students is equally flawed.”

Here are some quotes to show you what you will find in the report, Homeschooling: The Ultimate School Choice.

Religion was long thought to be the driving force behind homeschooling, but by 2012, just 17 percent of homeschoolers cited it as their primary motivator.

For some families, homeschooling is a lifestyle choice and can become an integral part of their culture and identity.

By making extensive use of public libraries and online resources, the annual cost of homeschooling can be as little as a few hundred dollars. But with packaged curricula, testing services, travel, museum memberships, and tutors, it can approach the tuition charged by many private schools.

The largest cost to homeschooling families is typically the loss of one parent’s income. In the majority of two-parent homeschooling families, just one parent is in the workforce.

Homeschoolers receive no public funds. Based on their participation numbers, they save American taxpayers an estimated $22 billion annually.

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