Pocket-sized computer sells for less than $10

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The Raspberry Pi Zero is a real computer priced at US$5. (Raspberry)

The Raspberry Pi foundation has broken a new record by launching a computer for the price of just C$8 or 4 British pounds. Ultracompact, with no pre-installed operating system, Raspberry Pi Zero has just the essentials — a processor, RAM, basic ports and a micro-SD card slot.

On the component front, the Raspberry Pi Zero has a 1Ghz ARM11 processor (40 per cent faster than the one used on the original Raspberry Pi), 512MB of RAM, two micro-USB sockets, a mini-HDMI socket and a micro-SD card slot. It weighs very little and can be held in one hand (65mm x 30mm x 5mm). It runs on the free operating system Raspbian, which is based on Linux, and is delivered with a few applications (Scratch, Minecraft and Sonic Pi).

A few hours after it was put on sale it was already out of stock. Another way of getting your hands on it is by subscribing to the (print) magazine The MagPi.

The foundation became famous in 2011 when it launched the Raspberry Pi, a tiny single-board computer with an ARM processor. Model B+ of this computer is currently available for $25.

The Raspberry Pi Zero (currently out of stock) can be ordered online.

SOURCE: CTV News / click image TOP of PAGE