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Hiking With Kids, Toddlers & Infants (Without The Tantrums)

Quick Tips: Do’s & Don’ts

Enjoying the great outdoors is perfectly feasible even with several small kids in tow. Hiking with small children can be a wonderful experience for both parents and child, but to ensure a great outing, and as few temper tantrums as possible it is best to plan ahead and expect the unexpected.

Always start the younger ones out on relatively easy, flat trails and for short distances until they become acclimatized. Pick hikes that have plenty of child friendly features to keep them interested like waterfalls or playparks. Stop regularly, rest and refuel with snacks and water before they get noticeably tired.

Make sure the hike is fun. Play games like “I spy” or make a scavanger hunt. Keeping kids interested is key to ​everyone having a memorable day out, and reduces the risk of meltdowns. Keep reading our full article for more helpful hints and tips!


Introducing a new member to your family is a wonderful experience and each new experience encountered brings a mixture of joy and pride to both parent and child: their first smile, first word, first step. If you are already an avid hiker, then you may also be looking forward to the day when you can enjoy their first hike together too.

How soon you get out on the trail, should be entirely based on how comfortable you are with the concept, although many people will advise you to get them out as early as possible. Certainly getting out into the fresh air and beauty of nature can do wondrous things for sleep deprived, stressed new parents. You just need to know how to prepare correctly.

Hiking with kids can be a tad intimidating at first, even if you are an experienced hiker yourself who has spent years preparing yourself. We’ve pulled together as much wisdom as possible and packed this page with a bounty of tips to help you get your little ones on the right trail, with as little stress (and as few tantrums) as possible. Whether you are new to hiking yourself or have reached the summit of every peak in your state, we have got you covered.

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