Books to give kids who love science

Grown-ups like them, too.

Some kids love science, some love reading. This list is for both!
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Sure, the kids in your life are going to get toys, but you’d like them to learn something over the holiday break, too. Here are some great books for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Ever get asked a question that only an astronaut can answer? In Ask an Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space British astronaut Tim Peake answers all your burning space questions, including the grossest thing about living in space.

Got a kid who seems to love knocking down their block constructions as soon as they’re built? The Book of Massively Epic Engineering Disasters by Sean Connolly assembles some of the biggest, most notorious engineering problems throughout history.

Journeys can start with a step, a rolling wheel, or a blast off. In From Here To There, HP Newquist looks at all kinds of transportation, from shoes and sandals to more technical forms of transportation.

Making a mess in the kitchen has never been more educational. Turn your counters into a lab bench with the kid-friendly experiments in Exploring Kitchen Science put together by The Exploratorium the famed science museum in San Fransisco.

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