Watch: Dolphin Superpod Chases Billions of Baitfish in Monterey Bay

Over a thousand common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) jumped and splashed together near the coast of Cannery Row in California’s Monterey Bay in the week leading up to Labor Day.

A sight for the eyes, this “superpod” of dolphins — made up of smaller pods or groups that typically stick together — were using teamwork to corral billions of baitfish.

This activity isn’t uncommon, Patrick Webster, the social media content creator for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, said in a statement. In fact, it happens year after year. [Deep Divers: A Gallery of Dolphins]

“However, it is fairly rare to see them this close to shore and so readily observable by people,” he said. Webster took a video of the dolphin superpod off the coast of Point Pinos in Pacific Grove, California (near the bottom-most end of the bay).

In the video, only a couple hundred dolphins are visible, though the entire group numbered over a thousand, Webster said. (The video is also slowed down to half the actual speed.) A single pod typically comprises dozens of individual dolphins that are often related, he added.

“It’s a very special sighting nearshore of one of the ocean’s magical moments often hidden away from human observation,” Webster said. “But to the dolphins, it was probably just another Monday.”

SOURCE: Live Science / click image TOP of PAGE