Children & Education, a question of balance

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Those seeking natural living and learning environments for children, especially children, in need, could get together to discuss possible solutions to an issue many have likely observed. The, not intended, abuse of children by agencies that were created to help children in need. I am referring specifically to governmental social department’s, child protection agencies and foster care systems.

We need a way to establish a live-in “natural Learning environment” a residential live-in community for kids. It could exist with limited jurisdiction by government, if any is required.

Crowd funding could provide a way to purchase a property for this purpose. Ideally a large property. Perhaps an old resort that could be fixed up by renovating existing structures and/or building cabins, etc.

Our statutes would include residential possibilities for children that we, or a government agency, determine would not be suited to the usual system options And whose lives would be greatly enhanced by living in this residential natural environment. Such an environment could also be utilized by kids who might wish to switch to a home based education structure, from public schooling. This environment would offer a solution to what some people think may be a down side to home education. Said to be a lack of socialization or, opportunities of being with others to make friends.

There would be several rooms used for a variety of workshops related to various topics the kids have shown interest in. This would include a wood shop, computer sciences, Internet technology, photography, Acting, music, writing, the sciences etc.
In addition to what we would provide on the premises, many kids would have projects in the outer towns with mentors qualified in a variety of subjects.

To maintain the quality of this living learning community. Facilitators would be required to live on the property. This to insure that facilitators are available to the kids 24/7 if needed.
Pay to facilitators would be partly in cash and partly the housing provided. A grounds keeper, a maintenance manager and a head cook would be employed, who would all share knowledge of their work with the kids, as well as getting assistance from them.
Possibly some funds from government agencies might be available, because we could take on cases they are not adequately equipped to handle.

Society and often parents are completely oblivious to a fundamental truth regarding children. The importance of an environment that encourages and supports their underlying awareness of life and their evolving interests and passions. This applies to most children in addition to those with troubled pasts.

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