New material stores solar energy and releases it in form of heat when required

A material has been developed that can store solar energy during the day and release it later in the form of heat when required. A team of researchers at MIT behind the development said that the transparent polymer film has application in many different surfaces like window glass or clothing.


The sun is a major power provider, but the only shortcoming is that it is only available around half the time, during daylight. In order to proper utilize there is a need of a way to save the sun’s energy so that it can be during nighttime and stormy days.

The new finding is quite an effective method for storing the sun’s energy through a chemical reaction and releases it later as heat. MIT professor Jeffrey Grossman, postdoc David Zhitomirsky, and graduate student Eugene Cho were of the view that the key to enable long-term, stable storage of solar heat is to save it in the form of a chemical change than storing the heat itself.

In comparison to other methods, a chemical storage system can retain the energy for indefinite period in a molecular configuration till the time it is not released in the form of a jolt of heat. The new material manufacturing requires just a two-step process, which is very simple and scalable.

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