Unschooling-Friendly Conferences 2020

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2020 Unschooling Conferences

Not all dates have been set for 2020. For now, the links are staying from the past schedules too, so you can see. Most of these recur annually. Check their website frequently and then
let Sue know!

Going to Conferences

Conferences are fabulous places to hear directly from experienced unschoolers, ask questions, and alleviate some of your own fears. Several of our Unschooling Mom2Mom moderators as well as some of the experienced unschooling moms posting on our UM2M Facebook Group are speakers at these conferences. Be sure to find them and introduce yourself!

Many of the family conferences have specific activities for adults, children and teens. Be sure to check out their website so you’ll see what they’re offering.
​We’re also including some fabulous retreats, trips and opportunities for unschooled teens to travel the country and the world!

And if you’re not sure a conference is “worth it,”
please read this: Little Tools for an Epic Life.