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The Best Streaming Devices For Your Home

No matter what content you want to watch, these streaming devices have got you covered.Nicolas J Leclercq via Unsplash

In the past few years, streaming has gone from an alternate to television to the new definition of television. The concept of “network” TV is becoming more and more obsolete as binge-watching and subscriptions have replaced channel surfing and rigid program scheduling.

Using devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Roku, along with subscription or pay-per-view services such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix, you can watch new and old movies, and past and current TV shows. The best streaming devices even allow you access to photo apps and social media sites on your TV. If you don’t already have a smart TV or Blu-ray player, a dedicated streaming media device is a simple way to make any TV a smart one. And even if your TV is internet-capable, a dedicated streaming device may be more convenient to use or offer some services you can’t get from the television. Here are our favorite streaming devices, and why we think you’ll appreciate them too.

How to find the best streaming devices

There are two key things to consider when trying to pick the best streaming device: Where you watch, and what you want to watch. The first involves you taking stock of your entertainment devices, considering your television’s built-in capabilities, its location and size, its connectivity, and how accessible it is when adding or removing accessories. The second part involves understanding that certain devices are aligned with certain content providers, and exclusivity and programming blackouts may be a factor. Going in with a sense of which platforms you’re eager to watch—as of this writing, for example, HBO Max is not supported on Roku devices—will help you avoid disappointment.

Do you want a streaming stick?

A streaming stick refers to a compact streaming device that is usually about the size of a thumb drive and plugs directly into your television via its USB port. Its tiny size is convenient and aesthetically pleasing. You won’t have any unsightly cords hanging down from your wall-mounted TV, nor will you have to worry about a mounted television being near a mantle or table so a set-top style streaming device can rest on it. A stick takes up no space and can be easily plugged and unplugged if you need to switch TVs or computers.

The downside is that streaming sticks have much less memory capacity than a set-top device (it’s rare to find one with more than 8GB), and often that will prevent you from being able to update its internal software. For that reason, streaming sticks tend to get outdated more quickly and need to be replaced. While that can be a hassle, streaming sticks are usually much more affordable, so replacing one after a few years isn’t a huge burden.

Best streaming device to minimize clutter: Amazon Fire TV Stick

Blends Into Your Setup

Small but powerful, the Amazon Fire offers a range of functionality.Amazon

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