Battery of the Future? Innovative Battery Chemistry Revolutionizes Zinc-Air Battery

The basis of the innovative battery chemistry for the zinc-air batteryis a non-alkaline, aqueous electrolyte.
Credit: WWU – MEET (Judith Kraft)

International Research Cooperation for Sustainable Batteries of the Future

High-performance, eco-friendly, safe and at the same time cost-effective: the zinc-air battery is an attractive energy storage technology of the future.

Until now, the conventional zinc-air battery has struggled with a high chemical instability, parasitic reactions which rooted in the usage of alkaline electrolytes lead to electrochemical irreversibility. Based on an innovative, non-alkaline, aqueous electrolyte, an international research team led by scientist Dr. Wei Sun of MEET Battery Research Center at the University of Muenster has developed a new battery chemistry for the zinc-air battery which overcomes the previous technical obstacles.

The scientific team has published the detailed results of their research project, involving researchers from Fudan University in Shanghai, the University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, the University of Maryland and the US Army Research Laboratory, in the journal Science.

Key parameters of the zinc-air battery optimized

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