11 October 2019


Recently it has been observed that one or more resource sites we use have added even more
obnoxious visuals added  to their sites, like videos with ads on top.
These type of videos will not be included in Learning Freely’s representations.
Also many sites provide links they call “related”. They can best be seen and used
by going to the source articles.

We filter out so much garbage on sites, to provide clean article information. This is why the above steps are being taken.
And for sites which continue putting more junk on their pages besides all the ads we filter out,
Our bottom of page linked notification will now read only as follows:

MORE of the story / click image TOP of PAGE

Thank You,
The editor

10 March 2019

As time passes certain references get outdated or deleted.

Since most articles on this site are not originals, we do not have the knowledge of such changes or deletions.

Therefore it is suggested that you continue to read the article at it’s source.
Clicking on the image in the story will take you to it’s source automatically.

Wed January 23

The CONTACT link has been fixed.

Apologies to those who may not received replies. There was a unnoticed technical glitch, which has now been fixed