To know or believe

We have been taught and conditioned to accept believe as the path to success, especially in religeous views, but so much more, as well.

.Looking more closely at today’s world, one will realize that wars and cults and often things people consider to be reality are based on their beliefs, not knowledge. This holds true for beliefs we created as well as those passed on to us via organized religion, politics, social media, parents, teachers, etc. accepted by us.
No independent thought nor investigation is needed. It’s easy, just accept what you were told, what you read or even peer pressure.

Beliefs and knowledge are two very different things, though most.people accept their belefs as reality, no matter where they came from.
People will do everything to protect their beliefs, even go to war.

However a fundamental little known truth deeper within  ourselves exists.

Beliefs are what we create, when we lack the direct experience from which to know.