12 January 2021

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4 May 2020

Recently the number of posts per day has dropped a bit.
This is largely due to the fact that so many articles on
our resource sites tend to be about the “virus”.

No virus news on this site:

We refuse to contribute to the panic and fear being spread by so many news sites and networks.


16 February 2020

Unschooling-Friendly Conferences 2020

18 January 2020
Recently it has been observed that two  of our resource sites have added things to articles on their sites, which actually interrupt or distract from smooth reading of an article.
Videos which do not have a caption, directly linking it to the story, will not be included in Learning Freely’s
(bottom of the page notice of numbers of  images and videos contained within the article.)
Instead one will see two references only:
MORE of the story / click image TOP of PAGE

Thank You,
The editor

18 January 2020
As time passes certain reference links get altered, outdated or deleted.
Since most articles on this site are not originals, we do not have the knowledge of such changes or deletions, nor any way to make changes to the original article.
Therefore it is suggested that you continue to read the article at it’s source.

(Clicking on the image in our version will take you to it’s source automatically.
There you  may find and contact the original publisher to request changes or additions you seek.

Thank You,
The editor

Wed January 23

The CONTACT link has been fixed.

Apologies to those who may not received replies. There was a unnoticed technical glitch, which has now been fixed