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This includes our Sci-Tech and space exploration section, which was known as ok4me2

This site contains no ads, popups, nor auto videos, as do most of the 18+ resources used to compile this site. This is so to keep the site clean and easy to read and navigate.
For users it means getting news articles from many different sites, all in one location, under one format.

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  4. NOTE: at the bottom of each enhanced description it will tell you how many additional photos or videos may be seen on the full article at its source. If it says “SOURCE:” that means this is the full article.


ALO Started in 1995, with a website called ‘Alternative Learning Exchange’. In1999 it became an official Educational organization as Alternative Learning Organization’.

Founded in The Netherlands (Holland), ALO is also known by its official Dutch name “Stichting alternatieve leervormen”(SAL)

The Alternative Learning organization provides information on various alternatives to traditional education and schools, however favoring non-compulsory learning environments. Officially It is  a non-profit educational foundation.

Learning Alternatives 

Sci~Tech+Space Exploration-Astronomy