This site, ‘Learning Freely’   is for all those who wish to provide a healthy learning environment for “their” children, beyond what public schools offer them.

This site provides information regarding alternatives to compulsory schooling. The site’s title ‘Learning Freely’ refers to environments which encourage and support the child’s interests, hobbies and current passions, with love, acceptance and trust.

Such environments do exist and are often referred to by a variety of terms, such as self directed learning. natural learning, unschooling, home education, and homeschooling. The terms parents use to describe the environment they have established for their children do not always exemplify the intent of the term.


For example ‘Unschooling’ is meant to be an environment that provides more freedom for the children. It places much trust in the children to progressively develop an understanding of their responsibility for the choices they make with that freedom.

Freedom requires responsibility.

Kids are sometimes provided an environment of license, in which they can run wild and are not consider or much less, take on any responsibility for their actions.

License = anything is ok no matter what. 

“Unschooling is not Unparenting”

Parents and carers are responsible for overseeing and assuring, as much as possible, that the children do not overstep the natural borders of  safety and well being.

Another term is too often used exactly as it articulates, In such a situation Homeschooling means school, with all the trappings and control It is just moved from the school to the home. That is not a learning freely environment.

This site also provides other news and information related to learning.

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