All sorts of data is collected on Australian farms, such as stock numbers and crop details. from Most of us are familiar with cases of data being used in ways that go beyond consumer expectations – just think of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal. However this is also an issue […]

A future farm? Credit: shzphoto Imagine “carbon emissions”, and what springs to mind? Most people tend to think of power stations belching out clouds of carbon dioxide or queues of vehicles burning up fossil fuels as they crawl, bumper-to-bumper, along congested urban roads. But in Britain and many other countries, […]

Soybeans grow under heaters used to mimic futuristic conditions. Their seeds suggest that rising temperatures may actually improve nutrition but decrease yields, according to a new study. Credit: Claire Benjamin/RIPE Project Recent research has shown that rising carbon dioxide levels will likely boost yields, but at the cost of nutrition. […]

M.S. Swaminathan RAJ.PALGUN13/WIKIMEDIA/CC-BY-SA-4.0 By Gayathri Vaidynathan An iconic Indian agricultural scientist is distancing himself from a recent editorial he co-authored that is critical of genetically modified (GM) crops, and has sparked furious debate among the nation’s researchers. Geneticist Monkombu Sambasivan Swaminathan, 93, has been dubbed the father of India’s Green Revolution, […]

Heiner Luetke Schwienhorst has joined forces with two other German farmers and Greenpeace to challenge the government’s failure to meet its own climate targets Dismayed by the German government’s failure to meet climate protection targets, dairy farmer Heiner Luetke Schwienhorst has filed a lawsuit against Berlin to force it into […]