This aerial photo of an ISU research farm shows plots where various crop rotations are grown. These plots provided data for a recently published study showing diversified cropping systems don’t consistently store carbon better than corn-soybean systems in Iowa. Credit: Matthew Liebman Integrating perennial crops into corn and soybean rotations […]

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers have developed a new nitrate sensor that will provide real-time and continuous measurement in soil to better detect water pollution and measure conditions for higher agricultural productivity. Natural nitrate levels in groundwater are generally very low. However, excess application of fertilizers in agriculture […]

Global satellite imagery shows transitions occur quickly after blocks of forest are cut in half. University of Cincinnati geography researchers have identified a tipping point for deforestation that leads to rapid forest loss. Geography professor Tomasz Stepinski used high-resolution satellite images from the European Space Agency to study landscapes in […]

The Oregon plantation in October 2014, the second year of growth. Credit: T. Rosenstiel, Portland State University Field trials in the Northwest and Southwest show that poplar trees can be genetically modified to reduce negative impacts on air quality while leaving their growth potential virtually unchanged, says an Oregon State […]

Kansas State University master’s in geology graduate Allie Richard Lane samples water from wells as part of a 40-year comparison study of wells in the Great Bend Prairie Aquifer. The study has revealed water quality issues. Credit: Kansas State University Kansas private well owners should test water quality annually, according […]

In Japan, vertical farming is taking offing as traditional methods face a double threat from the ageing population and migration towards the cities The nondescript building on an industrial site near Kyoto gives little hint to the productivity inside: 30,000 heads of lettuce grow here daily, under artificial light and […]

Representative potted Abies fraseri and inoculated apples used to test Koch’s Postulates. Credit: De-Wei Li, Neil P. Schultes, James A. LaMondia, and Richard S. Cowles Grown as Christmas trees, Fraser firs are highly prized for their rich color and pleasant scent as well as their ability to hold their needles. […]