One component of the US Department of Agriculture-funded study is to better understand how forest management influences climate, including cloud cover. Credit: VT News Enlarge A professor in Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment is launching a new project to enable scientists to look many decades ahead and […]


This map is part of the Soil Agricultural Groundwater Banking Index, which identifies farmlands with the most potential to capture groundwater and help recharge the aquifer. Credit: UC Davis Growers, researchers, policymakers and others can now pinpoint California’s most promising parcels of farmland to help replenish the state’s dwindling groundwater […]


Photo of maize intercropped with cowpea (above). Credit: International Institute of Tropical Ag (Creative Commons License) Creating a sustainable agricultural system is one of the greatest concerns facing the world today. Human population growth, degraded lands, and stagnating productivity gains are combining to produce a global agricultural emergency. Past work […]