The 75-station pattern is typical for summer and fall cruises by CalCOFI, which has collected data on marine life and ocean conditions off the California coast. The original 1950s sampling plan was similar but covered a larger area, from the northern tip of California to the southern tip of the […]

Flowering strip plants like sunflowers can help increase bee reproduction, according to a new study. Credit: Photo courtesy of Ben Barnhart Flowering strips – pollinator-friendly rows of plants that increase foraging habitat for bees – can help offset pollinator decline but may also bring risks of higher pathogen infection rates […]

Arabidopsis growing in the Coruzzi Lab at NYU’s Center for Genomics and Systems Biology. Credit: New York University Findings have implications for increasing plant nitrogen use efficiency, reducing reliance on fertilizers. Plant scientists have long known that crop yield is proportional to the dose of nitrogen fertilizer, but the increased […]

A cellular pathway in plants to sense danger signals and elicit a response. Credit: Tokyo University of Science Scientists uncover how oral secretions of the cotton leaf worm trigger defense responses in a plant. In nature, every species must be equipped with a strategy to be able to survive in […]

From left, Graduate Student Gustaf E. Degen, Research Technician Dawn Worrall, and Senior Lecturer Elizabete Carmo-Silva from Lancaster University discovered that swapping just one amino acid creates a better helper enzyme that can trigger photosynthesis more efficiently at higher temperatures in wheat. Credit: RIPE project Researchers working on molecular-level responses […]

Festus Amadu, post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois, conducted research on the efficacy of international aid programs supporting climate-smart agricultural practices in Malawi. Credit: College of ACES, University of Illinois. Climate change creates extreme weather patterns that are especially challenging […]

A microinjection device (red) is attached to a citrus tree, providing a way of injecting pesticide or other materials directly into the plant’s circulatory system. Credit: Courtesy of the researchers Microneedles made of silk-based material can target plant tissues for delivery of micronutrients, hormones, or genes. While the human world […]

Biologist Kenneth M. Olsen tends rice in the Jeanette Goldfarb Plant Growth Facility at Washington University in St. Louis. Credit: Joe Angeles/Washington University A new global study reveals the extent to which high-yielding rice varieties favored in the decades since the “Green Revolution” have a propensity to go feral, turning […]