Shutterstock/Author provided Perhaps the most iconic dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus rex, a massive predator that lived in what is now North America. We have now discovered that carnivorous dinosaurs of a similar size existed in ancient Australia as well. Following the footprints We learned about these carnivores by studying fossils that were discovered up […]

PhD student Chelsie N. Bowman and Professor Seth A. Young from the Florida State University collecting samples from the 425 million years old Earth history archives that are deposited at Tallinn University of Technology. Photo: prof Olle Hints  Credit: Olle Hints Since 2016, the researchers of the Department of Geology […]

A fossil of the giant new trilobite species Redlichia rex. James Holmes, Author provided At up to 30cm long and armed with spines for crushing and shredding food, we’ve identified a previously unknown creature that would have been a giant among its neighbours in the waters off modern-day South Australia. The newly […]

Artist’s reconstruction of Stromatoveris, an ancient marine animal J. HOYAL CUTHILL So-called Ediacaran organisms have puzzled biologists for decades. To the untrained eye they look like fossilized plants, in tube or frond shapes up to 2 meters long. These strange life forms dominated Earth’s seas half a billion years ago, and […]

Elisabetta Bianchi Ancient Rome’s lead plumbing was an architectural marvel, connecting the expansive republic and its vast population to a steady water supply brought in through aqueducts and flushing waste out through cavernous sewers (like the Cloaca Maxima, above). Written records for the construction of this plumbing system are sparse, but a […]


Teleosaster creasyi brittle stars lived 275 million years ago. Ken McNamara, Author provided Strangely elegant and beautiful, brittle stars are a group of starfish-like sea creatures. They exist in every colour under the sun, and some even shine with bioluminescence in the dark. The oceans of the world today teem with about […]