Orca grandmother J17 was spotted in the Haro Strait on March 22. Credit: Center for Whale Research, WhaleResearch.com A grandmother orca who was on death’s door late last year is still alive, although her health remains in a precarious state, according to researchers who spotted her swimming off the western Canadian […]

Violence towards animals can never be condoned, whether in horse racing or to animals in general. Shutterstock/gabriel Trainer Darren Weir will not contest three charges for alleged possession of electronic devices used to give shocks to horses, according to a statement released by Racing Victoria earlier today. The statement says assistant trainer Jarrod […]

Female Magellanic penguins, shown here, have been stranding on the coasts of South America, and researchers aren’t sure why. Credit: Takashi Yamamoto Near the southern tip of South America, thousands of ladies — wives, mothers, anchovy enthusiasts — are vanishing from their nests. The females in question are Magellanic penguins — a […]