A remote camera photo of a grizzly bear is shown in a handout photo.(THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-University of Montana) Wildlife, get ready for your close-up. Biologists are proposing a vast network of interconnected remote cameras that could revolutionize the study of bears, moose, caribou, cougars and other large animals across North […]


Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images A team biologists and computer scientists have created the first ever facial recognition systemfor lemurs, able to identify more than 100 different individuals with 98.7 percent accuracy. It’s hoped that the software, dubbed LemurFaceID, will help with conversation efforts for the primate; giving researchers an […]


Species like the mountain gorilla are especially threatened by climate change because of their very limited, specific habitat. / Credit: Liana Joseph/Wildlife Conservation Society More than 700 of the world’s threatened and endangered animal species may be directly affected by climate change, according to a new study — vastly more than […]


The cockeyed squid Histioteuthis heteropsis, also known as the ‘strawberry’ squid for its pink color and smattering of seed-like photophores, has evolved a mismatched set of eyes: one large eye for seeing the shadows of fellow sea creatures above, and a second small eye for spotting bioluminescent flashes below. Credit: […]