The proximity of hot springs to early settlements have led researchers to wonder if early humans used hot springs as a cooking resource long before fire. Credit: Tom Björklund Scientists have found evidence of hot springs near sites where ancient hominids settled, long before the control of fire. Some of […]

New archaeological research in Saudi Arabia documents hundreds of stone structures interpreted as monumental sites where early pastoralists carried out rituals. Image shows character of these structures as two platforms connected by low walls, note researchers at far end for scale. Credit: Huw Groucutt New archaeological research in Saudi Arabia […]

Antelope in South Africa. Pinnacle Point, a series of archaeological sites that overlook a now submerged section of South Africa’s coastline and one of the world’s most important localities for the study of modern human origins, was as much of an Eden for animals as it was for early humans. […]

A mosaic world map made from various human teeth. Photographs made at the Osteological Collection, University of Tübingen. (Graphic design: Peter Jammernegg (photographer and graphic designer); Copyright: Katerina Harvati/ University of Tübingen) University of Tübingen researchers uncover dental traits revealing genetic relationships in humans, serving as proxy for DNA. Researchers at […]

Photograph taken by a camera trap of a western lowland gorilla in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Republic of Congo. Credit: Germán Illera of SPAC Scientific Field Station Network New research provides important clues for the evolution of human behavior. Scientists have discovered that gorillas really are territorial — and their […]

The shared brain asymmetry pattern is visualized on a human endocast (cast of the internal bony braincase) in lateral view (left) and from the lower side (right). This pattern includes a more backwards projecting left hemisphere and a more forward projecting right hemisphere with localized larger surface areas (orange) in […]

Underwater exploration of Chan Hol Cave, near Tulum, Mexico. Credit: Eugenio Acevez ‘Chan Hol 3,’ like other Tulum cave skeletons, has tooth cavities and a distinctive skull compared to other early American settlers. A new skeleton discovered in the submerged caves at Tulum sheds new light on the earliest settlers of Mexico, according […]

The archaeological site is famous for its 1400 A.D. abandonment. But new research suggests people soon moved back in. Monk’s Mound, the largest Pre-Columbian earthwork in the Americas, was built by Native Americans living at Cahokia. (Credit: MattGush/Shutterstock) The mound-building society that lived at Cahokia is one of America’s most […]