Ahmed Elnewishy, an associate professor at Cairo University, holds a femur bone sample from mummified human remains that was studied at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source synchrotron. Elneshy and Cairo University postdoctoral researcher Mohamed Kasem studied dozens of ancient Egyptian bone samples and some soil samples during a two-month visit […]

(Credit: leoks/Shutterstock) A new collection of DNA from ancient Romans spanning 12,000 years shows how the population of the empire’s capital shifted along with its politics. Published in Science, the timeline is one of the first to examine what genetic information from archaeological digs says about the region after the time […]

Hadrosaur double prints. Credit: Fiorillo et al, 2019 These trackways allow researchers to explore habitat preferences in high-latitude dinosaurs. Abundant dinosaur footprints in Alaska reveal that high-latitude hadrosaurs preferred tidally influenced habitats, according to a study released on October 30, 2019, in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Anthony Fiorillo of the Perot Museum […]

Did an extraterrestrial impact trigger the extinction of ice-age animals? University of South Carolina archaeologist finds evidence in South Carolina to support controversial theory. A controversial theory that suggests an extraterrestrial body crashing to Earth almost 13,000 years ago caused the extinction of many large animals and a probable population […]

A researcher works at a trench at Stelida (Naxos, Greece). Credit: Evaggelos Tzoumenekas An international research team led by scientists from McMaster University has unearthed new evidence in Greece proving that the island of Naxos was inhabited by Neanderthals and earlier humans at least 200,000 years ago, tens of thousands […]

Archaeologists have unearthed 30 sealed wooden coffins with mummies inside near Luxor, Egypt. (Image: © Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities) The 30 coffins and mummies were exceptionally well-preserved. Archaeologists have unearthed 30 sealed wooden coffins with mummies inside at “El-Assasif,” an ancient necropolis near Luxor, Egypt, Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced […]

This is an end view of one of the two Herculaneum scrolls from L’Institut de France being scanned at Diamond Light Source by the University of Kentucky, Digital Restoration Initiative team. Credit: Diamond Light Source Researchers led by the renowned ancient artifacts decoder, Professor Brent Seales, will be using Diamond, […]