Artist rendition of a plasma jet impact (yellow) generating standing waves at the magnetopause boundary (blue) and in the magnetosphere (green). The outer group of four THEMIS probes witnessed the flapping of the magnetopause over each satellite in succession, confirming the expected behaviour/frequency of the theorised magnetopause eigenmode wave. Credit: […]

Credit: James Clerk Maxwell Telescope The Hawaii-based James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) has discovered a stellar flare 10 billion times more powerful than the Sun’s solar flares, a history-making discovery that could unlock decades-old questions about the origin of our own Sun and planets, giving insight into how these celestial […]

The Sun’s corona – its outermost layer of atmosphere. Credit: Northumbria University, Newcastle New research undertaken at Northumbria University, Newcastle shows that the sun’s magnetic waves behave differently than currently believed. Their findings have been reported in Nature Astronomy. After examining data gathered over a 10-year period, the team from Northumbria’s […]