Composite optical and infrared image of NGC 6822. Credit: Hirschauer et al., 2020. Using the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) and NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, astronomers have conducted photometric observations of a nearby star-forming galaxy known as NGC 6822. They have identified nearly 3,000 candidate stars of this galaxy, which […]

Shutterstock Are we alone in the Universe? The expert opinion on that, it turns out, is surprisingly consistent. “Is there other life in the Universe? I would say: probably,” Daniel Zucker, Associate Professor of astronomy at Macquarie University, tells astrophysics student and The Conversation’s editorial intern Antonio Tarquinio on today’s […]

This artist’s rendering shows a night view of the Extremely Large Telescope in operation on Cerro Armazones in northern Chile. The telescope is shown using lasers to create artificial stars high in the atmosphere. The first stone ceremony for the telescope was attended by the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet […]

An artist’s conception of the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST). (Image: © NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab) NASA’s Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) is moving forward on development even as President Donald Trump’s administration tries to cancel the mission, for the third budget in a row. The mission […]

This image shows the X-ray outburst from the black hole MAXI J0637-043, detected by the REXIS instrument on NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. The image was constructed using data collected by the X-ray spectrometer while REXIS was making observations of the space around asteroid Bennu on November 11, 2019. The outburst is […]

This is an artist’s impression of a young star surrounded by a protoplanetary disk in which planets are forming. Credit: European Southern Observatory At only 1% the age of the sun, the DS Tuc binary system shows us how a planet might naturally develop before its orbit is disturbed by […]