Engineers inspect the blank for ELT’s tertiary mirror. Credit: ESO/M. Cayrel ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), the world’s biggest eye on the sky, will have a pioneering five-mirror optical system that will allow it to unveil the Universe in unprecedented detail. The tertiary mirror in this system, M3, has completed […]

Artist’s depiction of ‘frame-dragging’: two spinning stars twisting space and time. Credit: Mark Myers, OzGrav ARC Centre of Excellence Astronomers witness “frame-dragging” — the dragging of space-time in stellar cosmic dance. An international team of astrophysicists led by Australian Prof Matthew Bailes from OzGrav has found exciting new evidence for […]

Black holes are infinitely dense objects surrounded by smooth event horizons. (Image: © Shutterstock) When two neutron stars slammed together far off in space, they created a powerful shaking in the universe — gravitational waves that scientists detected on Earth in 2017. Now, sifting through those gravitational wave recordings, a pair of physicists think […]

This illustration shows a newly discovered dwarf nova system, in which a white dwarf star is pulling material off a brown dwarf companion. The material collects into an accretion disk until reaching a tipping point, causing it to suddenly increase in brightness. Using archival Kepler data, a team observed a […]

Using new geochemical models, SwRI scientists found that CO2 in Enceladus’ ocean may be controlled by chemical reactions at the seafloor. Integrating this finding with previous discoveries of H2 and silica suggests geochemically diverse environments in the rocky core. This diversity has the potential to create energy sources that could […]