This photo shows the inside of a cylindrical antineutrino detector designed to detect the rare fundamental particles. (Image: © Roy Kaltschmidt photo, LBNL) We’re full of neutrinos all the time. They’re everywhere, nearly undetectable, flitting through normal matter. We barely know anything about them — not even how heavy they are. But we […]

Artificial intelligence interfaced with the Large Hadron Collider can lead to higher precision in data analysis, which can improve measurements of fundamental physics properties and potentially lead to new discoveries. Credit: FermiLab A new machine learning technology tested by an international team of scientists including MIT Assistant Professor Philip Harris […]

White dwarf orbiting another star source. Credit: Reused with permission, Eric Agol and NASA/SDO HMI science teams A team of astronomers led by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have updated and confirmed self-lensing binary star KOI-3278’s companion to be a white dwarf star by pitting Einstein against Newton. Discovered as the first […]