This image shows a sample of abnormal methane concentrations over 2019. The size and color of the circles indicate the size and intensity of the plume detected. The redder the color, the higher the concentration of the methane plume. Credit: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2019), processed by Kayrros    […]

Akatsuki: surveying lightning emission in Venus’ sea of clouds and observing cloud layers on the horizon (by Akihiro Ikeshita). A conceptual image of Akatsuki observing cloud layers with lightning. Credit: JAXA By tracking the thick clouds of Venus’ rapidly rotating atmosphere, researchers have gained new insight into the dynamic forces that […]

Geophysicist Dr Byongjun (Phil) Hwang (inset) is pictured on the left with fellow scientists in the Arctic. Credit: University of Huddersfield A University of Huddersfield scientist is scheduled to head back to the Arctic, where he is an experienced researcher of changes in its ice fields and their impact on […]

Record-Breaking Air Pollution in Nine Cities American Lung Association’s ‘State of the Air’ report finds climate change is driving increases in unhealthy air, 150 million people at risk. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Clean Air Act, which is responsible for dramatic improvements in air quality. Despite this, […]

A boxfish swimming above dense mats of diatoms in the high CO2 site along the Shikine volcanic gradient. Credit: Nicolas Floc’h Rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the consequent changes created through ocean acidification will cause severe ecosystem effects, impacting reef-forming habitats and the associated fish, according to new […]

This image shows sediment-rich sea ice in the Transpolar Drift Stream. A crane lowers two researchers from the decks of the icebreaker RV Polarstern to the surface of the ice to collect samples. Credit: R. Stein, Alfred Wegener Institute The movement of sea ice between Arctic countries is expected to […]

Scientists from the German Aereospace Center (DLR), using data from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite, have noticed an unusual ozone hole form over the Arctic. This animation shows the daily ozone levels over the Arctic from March 9, 2020 until April 1, 2020. Credit: Includes modified Copernicus data (2020), processed by […]

This specimen of rock consists almost entirely of fossilized cyanobacteria that once lived in an ancient shallow sea. Their proliferation decreased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but also outcompeted other life in ancient oceans. Credit: University of Oklahoma University of Oklahoma geoscientists document the role of atmospheric […]

Thunderstorm seen from the space station. Credit: DTU Space, ESA, NASA Using instruments onboard the International Space Station, researchers have observed millisecond pulses of gamma-rays produced by thunderstorms, clarifying the process by which these flashes are made, and discovering that they can produce an ultraviolet emission known as an “Elve.” […]