Atoms are trapped in an optical cavity composed of two mirrors. When a “squeezing” laser is set through the cavity, the atoms are entangled, and their frequency is measured with a second laser, as a platform for more precise atomic clocks. Credit: courtesy of the researchers The new atomic clock […]

Antennas and optical lattice clocks used. Upper left: 2.4 m antenna installed at INAF, Italy. Upper middle: 2.4 m antenna installed at NICT, Japan. Upper right: 34 m antenna located at NICT, Japan. Bottom left: The ytterbium optical lattice clock operated at INRIM, Italy. Bottom right: The strontium optical lattice […]

The Deep Space Atomic Clock may change the way spacecraft navigate in space. Descendants of the technology demonstration could be a key component of a self-driving spacecraft and a GPS-like navigation system at other worlds. Credit: General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Smart phone apps provide nearly instantaneous navigation on Earth; the […]