A global group of scientists is calling for an urgent rethink on a draft action plan to safeguard biodiversity. The provisional action plan[1], unveiled in January, will form the basis of a 10-year plan to protect nature. But in a letter published today in the journal Science[2], experts — including scientists […]

Experimental ponds in Gault Nature Reserve. Credit: Vincent Fugère Study examines the resilience of freshwater ecosystems contaminated by Roundup herbicide. One of the world’s most widely used glyphosate-based herbicides, Roundup, can trigger loss of biodiversity, making ecosystems more vulnerable to pollution and climate change, say researchers from McGill University. The […]

Maps of some main study sites: Bremer Canyon and nearby canyons of the Albany Group. Transect indicated by arrows, and nominal ROV dive sites and Rosette casts shown in red and blue. Credit: Exon et al., 20152 (top), Geoscience Australia (bottom). Bremer Canyon Marine Park is already known as a […]

(Click HERE for full view.) Uncovering new corals on the GBR. Credit: Andrew Bird/ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies Scientists discovered dozens of new coral species on a recent voyage along the length of the Great Barrier Reef. A team of scientists completed a 21-day trip from the […]

“Currently one-third of all marine species have less than 10 per cent of their range protected.” Credit: The University of Queensland At least 26 percent of our oceans need urgent conservation attention to preserve Earth’s marine biodiversity, a University of Queensland-led international study has found. Dr. Kendall Jones said the international […]

A new study finds that pollination is better in cities than in the countryside. Plants Benefit From More Bees, Especially Bumble Bees Flowering plants are better pollinated in urban than in rural areas. This has now been demonstrated experimentally by a team of scientists led by the German Centre for […]

Lion. Credit: simondures.com/ZSL Conservationists should be wary of assuming that genetic diversity loss in wildlife is always caused by humans, as new research published today by international conservation charity ZSL (Zoological Society of London) reveals that, in the case of a population of southern African lions (Panthera leo), it’s likely […]

Dinofelis, painting by Mauricio Antón. The picture shows a saber-toothed cat Dinofelis eating while one of our ancestors is watching. Dinofelis has been considered a predator that our ancestors were greatly fearing. But new research suggests that it was human ancestors that may have caused the eventual extinction of the […]

The chanchita, Cichlasoma dimerus, is a subtropical species native to southern South America. For at least 20 years, it has also made its home in Central Florida waters, where it was misidentified as a similar-looking invasive fish, the black acara. Credit: Ryan Crutchfield/FishMap.org Sometimes scientists make mistakes. Case in point […]