Dinofelis, painting by Mauricio Antón. The picture shows a saber-toothed cat Dinofelis eating while one of our ancestors is watching. Dinofelis has been considered a predator that our ancestors were greatly fearing. But new research suggests that it was human ancestors that may have caused the eventual extinction of the […]

“The koala, red goshawk, matted flax-lily and purple clover are more efficient umbrella species, yet none of these appear on the existing federal government priority species list.” The protection of Australia’s threatened species could be improved by a factor of seven, if more efficient ‘umbrella’ species were prioritized for protection, […]

Damselfishes on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, including species used by the researchers in their study. Credit: Simon Gingins Double-Checking the Science on the Effects of Ocean Acidification Sometimes it helps to check the facts. You may be surprised by what you find. Over the last decade, several high-profile […]

The chanchita, Cichlasoma dimerus, is a subtropical species native to southern South America. For at least 20 years, it has also made its home in Central Florida waters, where it was misidentified as a similar-looking invasive fish, the black acara. Credit: Ryan Crutchfield/FishMap.org Sometimes scientists make mistakes. Case in point […]

The Oregon plantation in October 2014, the second year of growth. Credit: T. Rosenstiel, Portland State University Field trials in the Northwest and Southwest show that poplar trees can be genetically modified to reduce negative impacts on air quality while leaving their growth potential virtually unchanged, says an Oregon State […]