Artist’s impression of the planet orbiting the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri. Credit: ESO (Phys.org)—Dimitra Atri, an astrobiologist with the Blue Marble Institute of Space Science, has published a paper in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society outlining his work running simulations of planet Proxima b, an exoplanet circling […]


(Photo: Khaled Kazziha, AP) WASHINGTON — The giraffe, the tallest land animal, is now at risk of extinction, biologists say. Because the giraffe population has shrunk nearly 40 percent in just 30 years, scientists put it on the official watch list of threatened and endangered species worldwide, calling it “vulnerable.” […]


LOGAN ZILLMER/QUANTA EARLY IN HIS career, the decorated biologist Richard Lenskithought he might be forced to evolve. After his postdoctoral research grant was canceled, Lenski began to look tentatively at other options. With one child and a second on the way, Lenski attended a seminar about using specific types of […]


Biohybrid sea slug, reporting for duty. Credit: Dr. Andrew Horchler, CC-BY-ND This article was originally published at The Conversation. The publication contributed the article to Live Science’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Think of a traditional robot and you probably imagine something made from metal and plastic. Such “nuts-and-bolts” robots are […]


Membrane-attached signaling molecules make nerve cell filaments retract over a distance. Axonal growth cones of young neurons (left, red swellings) collapse after coming in contact with Eph receptors from exosomes (right). MPI of Neurobiology / Gong New research reveals how cells can pack and release active ephrins and Eph receptors […]