Heracles inexpectatus on the forest floor, with three small wrens foraging at its feet. Brian Choo, Author provided Say hello to Heracles inexpectatus, a parrot the size of a human child. But don’t worry, you won’t meet one face to face. Our new discovery, published today, lived around 20 million years ago in […]

New Zealand’s kiwi birds, a national symbol, are endangered. And scientists say the rest of the island’s bird populations have also been hard hit by humans. (Credit: Lakeview Images/Shutterstock) When the Maori arrived to New Zealand from Tahiti some 700 years ago, they found a “land of birds.” The gargantuan, […]

Painted Bunting. Credit: Vivek Khanzode/Audubon Photography Awards Audubon’s Climate Watch Program needs volunteers to help it spot 12 birds threatened by climate change. Are you in? “Hope is the thing with feathers/ That perches in the soul,” Emily Dickinson wrote. Is there hope for our feathered friends in the era of climate […]

Emperor penguins have recently abandoned this major breeding site in Antarctica because of unsteady sea ice. CHRISTOPHER WALTON Antarctica’s charismatic emperor penguins are thought to be particularly vulnerable to climate change, because warming waters are melting the sea ice where they live and breed. Now, the penguins have abandoned one of […]