Researchers attach a GPS transmitter to a captured owl. Credit: Nick Kryshak In the Pacific Northwest, the range expansion of Barred Owls has contributed to a conservation crisis for Northern Spotted Owls, which are being displaced from their old-growth forest habitat. How will this interaction between species play out in […]

Coordinated behavior is common in a variety of biological systems, such as insect swarms, fish schools, and bacterial colonies. But the way information is spread and decisions are made in such systems is difficult to understand. A group of researchers from Southeast University and China University of Mining and Technology […]

The migratory routes of a small seabird: Bulwer’s petrel can fly more than 1,800 kilometers over ocean waters to find food. The Bulwer’s petrel reaches more than 1,800 kilometers (~1,100 miles) from the Canary archipelago up to the Azores on its route in search of food, according to data from […]

The male white bellbird. (Credit: Anselmo d’Affonseca) Visitors to the mountains of the northern Amazon can get unusually close to the white bellbird. Ornithologists have long suspected that this bird’s call is the loudest in the world, but a recent trek into the mountains and some careful measurements confirms that […]