At left, a 3D model by Rice University materials scientists shows a phase boundary as a delithiating lithium iron phosphate cathode undergoes rapid discharge. At right, a cross-section shows the “fingerlike” boundary between iron phosphate (blue) and lithium (red). Rice engineers found that too many intentional defects intended to make […]

Great White Shark People have been developing different forms of shark repellent for decades — the military even issued a chemical shark repellent called “Shark Chaser” to pilots, sailors and astronauts(!) from the end of World War II through the start of the Vietnam War. Thing is … it didn’t […]

MIT chemists have devised a way to observe the transition state of the chemical reaction that occurs when vinyl cyanide is broken apart by an ultraviolet laser. Credit: Christine Daniloff, MIT New technique for observing reaction products offers insights into the chemical mechanisms that formed them. During a chemical reaction, […]

The uranium-persulfide complex associated with the transforming mineral surface. Credit: Diamond Light Source A new paper to be published on December 16, 2019, provides a significant new insight into our understanding of uranium biogeochemistry and could help with the UK’s nuclear legacy. Conducted by a team of researchers from the […]

Looking into the hard X-ray nanoprobe synchrotron chamber while measuring a response of an individual cuprous oxide particle to the exposure of carbon dioxide, water, and light. Credit: Tijana Rajh / Argonne National Laboratory Scientists devise new catalyst that uses light to turn carbon dioxide to fuel. The concentration of […]

Artistic interpretation of experiment, done at high pressure (applied through diamond anvils) and high temperature, shedding light on the location of Earth’s supply of argon (particles zooming toward the core). The findings answer the question of whether argon atoms, chemically inert at Earth’s surface, can react with nickel in the […]

Researchers from the University of Houston have reported a significant breakthrough in producing hydrogen and clean drinking water from seawater, one of the most abundant resources on earth. New catalyst efficiently produces hydrogen from seawater, holding promise for large-scale hydrogen production, desalination. Seawater is one of the most abundant resources […]