Lake Imja near Mount Everest in the Himalaya is a glacier lake that has grown to three times its length since 1990. Credit: Planetary Science Institute/Jeffrey S. Kargel In the largest-ever study of glacial lakes, researchers using 30 years of NASAsatellite data have found that the volume of these lakes worldwide […]

A giant solar farm in China GETTY IMAGES New research suggests that power companies are dragging their feet when it comes to embracing green energy sources such as wind and solar. Only one in 10 energy suppliers globally has prioritised renewables over fossil fuels, the study finds. Even those that […]

Credit: Shutterstock Australia has seen the latest extraordinary twist in its climate soap opera. An alliance of business and environment groups declared the nation is “woefully unprepared” for climate change and urgent action is needed. And yesterday, Australian Industry Group—one of the alliance members – called on the federal government to spend at least […]

Calculated trends in geophysical PM2.5 values from 1998-2018. Warm colors indicate positive trends, cool colors indicate negative trends and the opacity of the colors indicates the statistical significance of the trends. Credit: Martin Lab Researchers’ hybrid dataset includes satellite images, modeling, and air samples. It is not unusual to come […]

Exterior of Cold Tube demonstration pavilion. Credit: Lea Ruefenacht Chilled panels use less energy than conventional A/C and work in open spaces. Many people beat the summer heat by cranking the air conditioning. However, air conditioners guzzle power and spew out millions of tons of carbon dioxide daily. They’re also […]

Groundwater fed irrigation of Boro rice during the dry season in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Basin. Credit: Mohammed Shamshudda/Richard Taylor Fewer of the world’s large aquifers are depleting than previously estimated, according to a new study by the University of Sussex and UCL. Groundwater, the world’s largest distributed store of freshwater, plays […]

This Somalian family left their home due to droughts. Climate change is expected to make droughts and many other disasters more frequent and more severe, causing millions to flee their homes. Credit: Oxfam East Africa/Flickr One of the biggest challenges of today is the migration of people associated with the impacts of climate […]

A 23-million-year-old leaf preserved in a onetime New Zealand lake bed, key to past atmospheric conditions. One can see veins, glands along the teeth, and holes gnawed by insects, with resulting stunted growth and scar tissue. Credit: Jennifer Bannister/University of Otago A unique New Zealand deposit opens insights into how […]