The Trump administration on Monday finalized its weakening of an Obama-era rule aimed at reducing polluted wastewater from coal-burning power plants that has contaminated streams, lakes and underground aquifers The change will allow utilities to use cheaper technologies and take longer to comply with pollution reduction guidelines that are less […]

An icebreaker (red) escorts Russian cargo ships on the Northern Sea Route GETTY IMAGES Natural riches come in two conflicting types in Russia’s Arctic north: valuable minerals and spectacular wildlife. But sadly for many threatened species, the decline in Arctic sea ice has created a new economic opportunity for Russia […]

The world is on track to produce 50 percent more fossil fuels than could be burned without increasing Earth’s surface temperature more than two degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels Oil, gas and coal output already planned or in the pipeline will overwhelm efforts to cap global warming at levels consistent […]

Switching from coal to natural gas and renewables for electricity generation could save at least 12,000 billion gallons water a year by 2030, a Duke University study finds. Credit: peakpx (CC) The ongoing transition from coal to natural gas and renewables in the U.S. electricity sector is dramatically reducing the […]

The Paraguayan Chaco, South America’s second largest forest, is rapidly disappearing as agriculture extends deeper into what was once forest. Here, isolated stands of trees remain amid the farms. Credit: Joel E. Correia, CC BY-NC-ND The fires raging across the Brazilian Amazon have captured the world’s attention. Meanwhile, South America’s […]