Researchers aimed to improve LEDs that specifically communicate via deep ultraviolet light, which isn’t visible to the human eye. Credit: Kazunobu Kojima, Tohoku University Researchers have solved a major problem for optical wireless communications—the process by which light carries information between cell phones and other devices. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) pulse […]

What goes in is not what comes out with a spatio-temporally modulated metasurface reflector. Credit: Los Alamos National Laboratory Electronically controlled 2-D reflector promises improved microwave communications, beam steering without moving pieces, and one-way microwave mirrors. Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory are reinventing the mirror, at least for microwaves, […]

Generation of polarization entangled photon pairs at a wavelength of 2.1 micrometers. Credit: Michael Kues/PQT New Photon Source for Tap-Proof Communication Developed A new method for generating quantum-entangled photons in a spectral range of light previously inaccessible developed by a physicist at Leibniz University Hannover. An international team with the […]

The Soyuz launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan ONEWEB The London-based start-up OneWeb launched another big batch of satellites on Saturday. A Soyuz rocket lifted off from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, carrying 34 more spacecraft into orbit to continue the build-up of the firm’s broadband internet constellation. The mission took place […]

For three decades the Cospas–Sarsat system has used relays on satellites such as Europe’s MSG and MetOp to pick up distress calls from ships and aircraft. Credit: Cospas-Sarsat As well as providing global navigation services, Europe’s Galileo satellite constellation is contributing to saving more than 2000 lives annually by relaying […]

Artwork: The first GPS satellites were notorious for causing radio interference for astronomy GPS.GOV California’s SpaceX company says it will work constructively with the scientific community to fix the brightness of its satellites. The firm has come under fire for the brilliance of its Starlink spacecraft, which are being launched […]

A system designed by researchers at MIT and elsewhere enables interconnected smart devices to cooperatively pinpoint their positions in noisy environments where GPS usually fails, which is useful for emerging “localization-of-things” applications. Credit: Christine Daniloff, MIT Connected devices can now share position information, even in noisy, GPS-denied areas. A new […]