Artificial intelligence interfaced with the Large Hadron Collider can lead to higher precision in data analysis, which can improve measurements of fundamental physics properties and potentially lead to new discoveries. Credit: FermiLab A new machine learning technology tested by an international team of scientists including MIT Assistant Professor Philip Harris […]

Credit: Shutterstock The era of quantum supremacy is nigh. Quantum computers, which make calculations with entangled particles, or qubits, are poised to overtake their conventional counterparts very, very fast. And it’s all captured by a new law of computing, known as Neven’s Law, according to a fascinating new article in Quanta […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Logic and memory devices, such as the hard drives in computers, now use nanomagnetic mechanisms to store and manipulate information. Unlike silicon transistors, which have fundamental efficiency limitations, they require no energy to maintain their magnetic state: Energy is needed only for reading and writing information. […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Magnetic recording is the primary technology underpinning today’s large-scale data storage. Now, companies are racing to develop new hard disk devices (HDDs) capable of recording densities greater than 1 terabit per square inch. Perpendicular recording HDDs store data as tiny areas of “up” or “down” magnetization […]

The device did experience four power interruptions, either from radiation or from problems with the International Space Stations solar panels. NASA/ROSCOSMOS ONE YEAR AGO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise sent an off-the-shelf supercomputer up to the International Space Station, to see if its mass-produced hardware could survive, basically unmodified, in the harsh environment […]