The matt grey pellet is a so-called layered copper-iron perovskite, a crystal. It can be placed on a fingertip. Credit: Paul Scherrer Institute/Markus Fischer Multiferroics are considered miraculous materials for future data storage – as long as their special properties can be preserved at computer operating temperatures. This task has […]

Quantum computers made of superconducting circuits could be the first to outpace conventional computers. IBM RESEARCH/FLICKR (CC BY-ND 2.0) The first phase of Europe’s decadelong, billion-euro program to turn its quantum technology research into commercial products has come into focus. At an event held in Vienna on 29 October, the […]

A scene from Doug Engelbart’s groundbreaking 1968 computer demo (Credit: Doug Engelbart Institute) A version of this article originally appeared on The Conversation. On a crisp California afternoon in early December 1968, a square-jawed, mild-mannered Stanford researcher named Douglas Engelbart took the stage at San Francisco’s Civic Auditorium and proceeded to […]

Normal IT security practices might not protect you from malicious attacks that enter your system through everyday devices, such as USB keys. Shutterstock If you run a business, you’re probably concerned about IT security. Maybe you invest in antivirus software, firewalls and regular system updates. Unfortunately, these measures might not […]

An illustration showing the “up” and “down” pseudospin states, a light pulse and the hilly energy landscape experienced by the electrons. Credit: Stefan Schlauderer, University of Regensburg A technique to manipulate electrons with light could bring quantum computing up to room temperature. A team of researchers in Germany and at […]

A massive entangled network of 20 quantum bits has brought a quantum computer closer to reality. Credit: University of Innsbruck Scientists have made the biggest and most complex quantum-computer network yet, getting 20 different entangled quantum bits, or qubits, to talk to each other. The team was then able to […]

Tech companies can use differential privacy to collect and share aggregate data about user habits, while maintaining individual privacy. Tim Snell/Flickr, CC BY-ND It’s no secret that big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are increasingly infiltrating our personal and social interactions to collect vast amounts of data on […]