Taiwan’s ‘digital minister’ Audrey Tang listens to a question during an interview in Seoul, South Korea on April 12, 2017. (AP / Ahn Young-joon) SEOUL, Korea, Republic Of – Taiwan’s “digital minister” Audrey Tang, a computer prodigy and entrepreneur who taught herself programming at age 8, says she’s a “civic […]


THOMAS PETER/REUTERS STEVE WOZNIAK IS one half of Silicon Valley’s most prototypical founder’s myth. But whereas Steve Jobs went on to define what it meant to be a modern founder—the turtleneck uniform, the keynote showmanship, the scorn for formal education and steamrolling managerial style—Woz just became a wealthier version of […]

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OTTAWA — The federal government has received a batch of recommendations on how to make Canada a global hub for an emerging digital platform known as “blockchain.” The nascent technology has been widely hailed as a game changer, with the potential to transform everything from financial transactions to how democracies […]

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Amazon Web Services, a popular storage and hosting platform used by several online services, reported rolling outages throughout the day. NEW YORK — Usually people don’t notice the “cloud” — unless, that is, it turns into a massive storm. Which was the case Tuesday when Amazon’s huge cloud-computing service suffered […]