For the first time, academics developed a systematic literature review of the causes and cures of poor megaproject performance. They identified six key themes and looked at areas where a project might fail, analyzing the problems and solutions. Academics at University College London have identified 18 reasons why megaprojects such […]

The materials used for cladding buildings can greatly affect a building’s overall vulnerability to fire. In Australia, buildings with flammable cladding continue to pose safety concerns. SHUTTERSTOCK Modern buildings have seen rapid development in recent decades, with a push towards sustainable practices and improved energy efficiency. But the advancement of […]

PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA/AFP/GETTY IMAGES “We’re subsidizing people living out in sprawling, more vulnerable areas outside cities.” BUILT WELL, A city should provide a bulwark against disaster. Fundamentally, all cities are fortresses. Or at least they should be. If a city is a fortress, where’s the wall? The edges of North American cities […]

Researchers looked at 11 metro areas — including Atlanta, Georgia, pictured — to examine how much local emissions-reductions programs can help combat climate change. They found that there is likely to be greater impact in the area of residential energy rather than transportation, especially given local hurdles against more compact […]

Q1 on the Gold Coast is currently Australia’s tallest building. Flickr/Ben Low, CC BY-NC-ND Australia’s tallest building is currently the Gold Coast’s Q1, at 322.5 metres (including the spire). But the 78-floor largely residential tower is set to be challenged by taller buildings planned in Melbourne and the Gold coast. And Australia’s tall […]