(Click HERE for full view.) Uncovering new corals on the GBR. Credit: Andrew Bird/ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies Scientists discovered dozens of new coral species on a recent voyage along the length of the Great Barrier Reef. A team of scientists completed a 21-day trip from the […]

A clownfish in an anemone. Credit: Tim Gordon, University of Exeter Young fish can be drawn to degraded coral reefs by loudspeakers playing the sounds of healthy reefs, according to new research published today (November 29, 2019) in Nature Communications. An international team of scientists from the UK’s University of Exeter […]

Actions to save coral reefs could benefit all ecosystems, including those on land. Credit: Mark Priest/ ARC CoE for Coral Reef Studies. Scientists say bolder actions to protect coral reefs from the effects of global warming will benefit all ecosystems, including those on land. In an article published in Nature today two […]