An MIT-led search for axions from nearby star Betelgeuse (pictured here) came up empty, significantly narrowing the search for hypothetical dark matter particle. Credit: Collage by MIT News. Betelgeuse image courtesy of ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/E. O’Gorman/P. Kervella Search for Axions From Nearby Star Betelgeuse Comes Up Empty Results significantly narrow the […]

An artistic rendering of the XMM-Newton (X-ray multi-mirror mission) space telescope. A study of archival data from the XMM-Newton and the Chandra X-ray space telescopes found evidence of high levels of X-ray emission from the nearby Magnificent Seven neutron stars, which may arise from the hypothetical particles known as axions. […]

In the 1970s, physicists uncovered a problem with the Standard Model of particle physics—the theory that describes three of the four fundamental forces of nature (electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions; the fourth is gravity). They found that, while the theory predicts that a symmetry between particles and forces in our Universe […]

Atoms are trapped in an optical cavity composed of two mirrors. When a “squeezing” laser is set through the cavity, the atoms are entangled, and their frequency is measured with a second laser, as a platform for more precise atomic clocks. Credit: courtesy of the researchers The new atomic clock […]

The best example is represented by the Sunflower galaxy (NGC 5055) with the strongest external fieldamong SPARC galaxies, whose well-measured rotation curve shows a mildly declining behavior at largeradial distance and can be accurately modeled only with an external field effect. Credit: Creative Commons An international group of scientists, including […]

As the light of the cosmic microwave background emitted 13.8 billion years ago (left image) travels through the Universe until observed on Earth (right image), the direction in which the electromagnetic wave oscillates (orange line) is rotated by an angle β. The rotation could be caused by dark matter or […]

Figure 1. Cavity designs with various internal sections. (Left to right) ① single large cavity, ② single small cavity, ③ multiple small cavities ④multiple-cell cavity (pizza cavity) ⑤ multiple-cell cavity with a gap. Credit: IBS A cavity partitioned into multiple identical cells provides a highly efficient path to high-frequency axion […]

The merger of black holes could release energy in the form of ELFs (bottom left of the image). It might be possible to detect their weak signals with quantum sensor networks such as the GPS network (top right in the image). Credit: Ill./©: Sarah and Hannah Lilienthal PRISMA+ scientists propose […]

ANIMATION The effect that nearly massless, subatomic particles called neutrinos have on the formation of galaxies has long been a cosmological mystery—one that physicists have sought to measure since discovering the particles in 1956. But an international research team including the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the […]

The long-held belief that the Milky Way, the galaxy containing Earth and the solar system, is relatively static has been ruptured by fresh cosmic insight. The spiral-shaped disc of stars and planets is being pulled, twisted and deformed with extreme violence by the gravitational force of a smaller galaxy – the […]